Monday, September 28, 2009

Again it has been about a month since the last post, but maybe this time I will send out an email giving people the site. Then it would be nice to know if people are actually enjoying reading these or if it's worth it.

Anyway, it's been a low key month. We did have our first visitor, Gabe's mom Cindy, but we'd love to have more...:) Come visit us. Albuquerque is an awesome city and New Mexico is an awesome state, especially if you're from the mid west. Weather has gotten a bit cooler, but we've still got the sun and the mountains.

Our unit continues to learn to communicate better and get to know how to relate to each other. Learning components this month have been the high ropes course at our church retreat, a chile roasting party (which meant that we peal, seed, and bag them to be frozen so we have them all year round) where I learned that my hands are very sensitive to the chile and next time I must wear gloves, and visiting Tent Rocks which meant some good hiking, sweet views, and rocks that look like tents.

Gabe and I got our first weekend away, which we are given once a month. We spent it at our host family's house south of the city where they have an upstairs apartment. During the weekend we got to spend some time with the young adults from the church at a local brewery's Septemberfest and realized how much we will need that weekend away each month. We have also joined a dinner club group with the young adults and will have a meal with a group of 6 people once a week. How wonderful it is to be with people more our age.

I am still looking for a job, but finally had my subbing orientation and will hopefully be in the system in the next two weeks and Gabe's job continues to go well. Who knew he would find himself enjoying a job in a school setting?!

We would love to hear from you all and hear that you're thinking about coming for a visit!


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  1. Bethany! Yay, I'm glad you have a blog! I've been blogging for awhile now, but don't have too many followers: You are now on my list of blogs to read. :) Sounds like Albuquerque is treating you both pretty well. I wish a visit to you guys was in our future, but my bro's getting married this summer, so that's about the only trip we'll be taking outside of CO. :(