Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, here we are in February, hoping it was march or april. It sort of feels like I'm waiting for something. Maybe it's the group of visitors we have coming in March (Anjuli, my sister, and friends Justin and Hannah) or maybe it's that the unit hasn't taken any trips in awhile, or maybe it's the job I began so days are more similar than the were while I was subbing. It also could be that I had been looking forward to going back to Goshen so much, and now that we're back, there's not that to look forward to. It was great to be home for a while, but went way too fast.
I got the job about a week after we got back from Christmas in Goshen. I was subbing in a school I had never been at before and they actually didn't need me (someone accidently asked for a sub) but they decided to keep me as an aid for the day. As I was talking to the teacher I was working with, she told me that a part time special ed. math teacher had retired before break, so I talked to the principal and had an interview that day and was hired two days later. They actually wanted a full time teacher, but were willing to give it to me for 3/4 time so I could be there. It's really wonderful to have a consistent school to go to and to build relationships with students, although it has been hard gaining respect from some of the 5th graders I work with.

As for the unit, things are feeling kind of blah and I think that what February does to people. We continue to learn more about each other and how to support each other and maybe how not to piss each other off (although sometimes those things aren't avoided as much as they could be). People are who they are. We did have an interesting learning component in January where we discussed the eneogram which brought some clarity in why each of us act the way that we do. Another exciting new thing has been our chickens who have started laying 4-5 eggs a day!

We now have almost enough to get us through the week with out buying any. We probably will need to buy a dozen, since the guys each eat about 4 a day. It's been new to me living with two teenage boys who need more calories than I've ever seen anyone eat before.

Gabe and I were gone quite a bit in January. We spent a weekend with a group of people in a cabin in colorado where we hiked 5 miles to get there. Snowshoeing, melting snow for water, and having to carry our food for the weekend were new experiences for us. We also spent a weekend in San Antonio for a retreat for service adventure leaders. It was good to share stories and suggestions with others who were experiencing some of the same things we are.

This weekend the unit is heading up to a cabin owned by friends outside of Santa Fe. Even though we're just hiking a mile in, this will be a new experience for Mary. The last weekend of Feb. we are heading to young adult snow camp at Rocky Mountain Menn. Camp.

We ask for continued thoughts and prayer for understanding of each other in the unit and for financial security as we look towards the summer without stipends to pull us through.

love to all, Bethany